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The Rundown.. Real Talk, Real Vibes the only place to get the truth and nothing but the truth from your favorite Caribbean and Soca personalities.
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Sep 17, 2015


He was "Maga" then he became Maximus and many felt that he had reached his pinnacle. But he said no, there's so much more to come and he embraced the risk and the struggle to move from the top of a hill to the heights of the mountaintop.

MXPRIME shares that journey with us on this episode of The Rundown! 

Sep 14, 2015

He was maga, then he became Maximus and many felt that he had reached his pinnacle. But he said no, there's so much more to come and he embraced the risk and the struggle to move from the top of a hill to the heights of the mountaintop.

MXPRIME shares that journey with us this week on The Rundown! Miss it??? Yuh Mad or Wha!

Sep 14, 2015

Everybody feeling nice, welcome to The Rundownnnnn! None other than MX Prime joins us this week on The Rundown for some talk...real talk and vibes! Don't miss it, it will be EPIC!

Sep 11, 2015

Windball Tutus lol...yeah it's an inside joke but you can definitely be down by watching this week's episode with DJ/artistes Devon Matthews known for his tongue and cheek musical ditties and his popular radio show on Trinidad's RED 96.7FM. And we have a teaser of MX Prime artiste, musical genius, mentor....he's so much we couldn't contain him to just one episode.

Sep 3, 2015

Yes, we're not Hip Hop or Reggae but DJs apologizing for playing Soca...unheard of! Or is it? There was a time before Bunji and Differentology, Kevin Lyttle and Turn Me On, Rupee and Tempted To Touch, Machel and anyone of his hits...when Soca was the outside child of the stepson of Caribbean music. How did an independant artist straight out of Morvant survive? Or a DJ with a penchant for Shaolin Arts and Soca end up one of the biggest personalities today? You'll just to have watch and find out! It's The Rundown Baby!

Sep 2, 2015

Tonight at 9pm Saga Boy Chow Chow and Ataklan joins us in studio waxing philosophical on MUSIC-Caribbean MUSIC! Can't be missed.



Sep 2, 2015

You know our hosts are mad and outta yard but are they truly that head gone?! Well take a look for yourselves!

Sep 1, 2015

Many declare to know how to treat the ladies, but he claims to be something much bolder...a Saga Boy! A well-dressed, smooth talking, funky styled Caribbean genteel-man that will sweep the ladies off their feet...haha and we have him this week on The Rundown...oh Giselle beware!!!!

Aug 27, 2015

Think you know about soca?!! 

A legend in his own right Ataklan gives us The Rundown on the heartbreak and tribulations behind this artform. Meanwhile Miss Alysha is blazing new trails as the caribbean only female ableton bandit :-)!

Aug 24, 2015

He made one of our Producers cry with his opening salvo, he's deep, honest, a stalwart and as much as he doesn't like the title an icon. He's the incomparable Ataklan. The first ever female Ableton DJ in the Caribbean and she's a lyrical badass on top of it! Have no clue what we're talking about? Then tuning in this week to Tempo is a must as Ms Alysha along with Ataklan give us The Rundown!

Aug 20, 2015

Everyone wants to peep behind the red curtain to see what really happens in the lives of their favorite artistes. But how about a chance to know the strength of character and resolve that it takes to make it to the top and stay there in the Soca industry. Nadia Batson knows about staying power but she knows even more about getting knocked down and getting back on her feet. He's young but has seriously paid his dues writing hits for some of the biggest names ever like Machel Montano and Destra. Preedy tells The Rundown how he got here, how he plans on staying and where his writing inspiration hails from.

Aug 19, 2015

Why aren't there more thickalicious dark skinned women topping the charts in Soca?

What does it take to write a hit song for another artiste, especially someone like Mega Soca Star Machel Montano? 

If you want the answers to these questions, tune in tonight to The Rundown 9.30pm @! Get the app now on Itunes or Google Play.

Aug 19, 2015

It'S Nadee and Preedy tonight alongside Giselle and DJ Stephen! 9pm only on Tempo Networks.

Aug 19, 2015

You can now visit our YouTube Channel for even more great Caribbean entertainment. Just look for the The Rundown and subscribe to your portal for everything Caribbean!!!google9cb4c554284d364b.html]

Aug 17, 2015

We keep giving you soca star after soca star and this week we have none other than Soca Songstress Nadia Batson and Soca song writer turned artiste Preedy! You got to stay locked to The Rundown!

Aug 13, 2015

Join Stephen & Giselle as they talk Real Unity with Canadian born Chutney Star KI, Soca as the Side Chick with Trinidadian Soca star Zan and SOCA as an international sound with Producer/Artist extraordinaire KMC only on The Rundown!

Aug 12, 2015

Get home, get comfortable or post up wherever there is WIFI for coming up next it's The Rundown and you don't want to miss it! You Mad or What!

Aug 11, 2015

It's The Rundown Babies, this week Chutney Sweetheart KI, Girlz Man Zan and the hitmaker KMC joins Giselle and Stephen for a bruk down, no holds barred, who doh like who chantwell!

Aug 10, 2015

Its not sesame street....but its your favorites all the same.

Aug 10, 2015

Learn more about the man behind the hype!

Mr Killa, Soca, Carnival, SpiceMas, Live, Music

Aug 10, 2015

Bonus extra behind the scenes!

Aug 10, 2015

Dj Stephen at Zomer Carnival 2015 in Rotterdam



Aug 10, 2015

Mix Courtesy 

Photo Courtesy - David Wears

Aug 10, 2015

Their songs make you wuk your waist but in this episode, Mr Killa and Chucky, reveal their true love for the artform. They are fighters in love with Soca, they are the Love Warriors. 

Aug 5, 2015

While Soca is sweet...its not an easy road. From a vanguard to a stalwart, we learn what it takes to make it in this ever evolving business. 

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